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Insights from the TYPO3 newsletter survey

Insights from the TYPO3 newsletter survey

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In the world of web development, especially TYPO3, constant innovation and adaptation to new trends is essential. As someone who is deeply rooted in this dynamic industry, I know how important it is to keep my finger on the pulse. This is why I recently conducted a survey among the loyal readers of my TYPO3 newsletter. I aimed to better understand what you, dear readers, care about, what content is important to you and how you perceive the newsletter overall.

The response was impressive and gave me valuable insights into your thoughts and wishes. This information is essential to me as it allows me to continuously improve the newsletter and ensure that it not only remains informative and relevant, but also provides real value to each one of you.

In this article, I would like to share some of the most interesting results of the survey with you. I will point out what was well received, where there may still be room for improvement, and in which direction we could go together in the future.

1. Reading habits and satisfaction

One of the main aspects of the survey was to find out how often you, the members of our TYPO3 community, read the newsletter and how satisfied you are with the content. The results were revealing and extremely positive.

First, it turned out that an impressive majority of you read the newsletter with every issue. This commitment and interest is not only a compliment to me, but also confirmation that I am on the right track. It indicates that the topics I address and the information I pass on are important to you and have found a permanent place in your everyday professional lives.

The feedback was also encouraging in terms of satisfaction with the content. Many of you were positive and satisfied, or even very satisfied with what I put together each month. This feedback is like a guiding star for me. It helps me to keep the content at a high level and at the same time look for new ways to make it even more relevant and useful for you.

2. Assessment of the length of the newsletter and the relevance of the content

In the survey, I was particularly curious to know how you, my readers, rate the length of the newsletter and the relevance of the information it contains. The responses I received were very revealing and reassuring.

To my great delight, many of you have indicated that the length of the newsletter is “just right”. This feedback reinforces my belief that I have found the right balance between length and content. It's always a challenge to provide enough information without overwhelming you, and your feedback shows me that I'm getting this balance right.

As for the relevance of the information, your responses were slightly more varied. Some of you found the information “very relevant”, while others rated it as “fairly relevant” or “partly”. These different perceptions are very valuable to me as they reflect the diversity in our community. Each of you has different needs and interests, and my goal is to design the newsletter in a way that is useful to everyone.

I take this feedback to heart and see it as an opportunity to tailor the content even better to your needs. My goal is to provide the perfect mix of technical updates, tutorials, case studies and industry news to ensure that each of you can take something valuable away from every newsletter.

3. Desired content for future issues

A key part of the survey dealt with the question of what content should appear more frequently in future newsletters. The answers to this question were varied and inspiring. They gave me valuable insights into your interests and needs, which I will consider when planning the next issues.

Many of you showed great interest in tutorials and instructions. This shows me that practice-oriented content that helps you to expand your skills and apply new techniques in TYPO3 is particularly appreciated. I therefore plan to integrate even more concrete, application-oriented content that can support you directly in your projects.

The demand for case studies and user reports was also very high. I take this as a sign that you value real-life examples and insights into the successful use of TYPO3 in various scenarios. Such case studies are not only inspiring but also very educational, and I look forward to presenting them in future newsletters.

Technical updates and news are also in high demand. It's important to me to keep you up to date with new developments, updates, and trends in the TYPO3 world. My goal is for you to always be one step ahead through the newsletter and receive the information that is relevant to your work.

Not least, there is also interest in industry news and event information. I see it as my job not only to provide you with specialist knowledge, but also to offer you valuable networking and training opportunities in our industry.

I am grateful for your suggestions and look forward to implementing them. Your feedback is the fuel that drives and improves the TYPO3 Newsletter.

4. Design and layout

One aspect that was particularly important to me in the survey was your opinion on the design and layout of the newsletter. As someone who attaches great importance to aesthetics and user-friendliness, I was keen to hear your impressions and suggestions.

The feedback I received ranged from “acceptable” to “appealing”. This shows me that there is still room for improvement, but also that many of you like the current design. I see this as an opportunity to further optimize the appearance of the newsletter so that it is not only functional, but also visually appealing.

My goal is to find a balance between a clear, reader-friendly design and an appealing visual style. I am convinced that a well-designed newsletter not only conveys information better, but also enriches the overall reading experience.

I will also make sure that the design remains responsive so that the newsletter is displayed optimally on all devices, whether desktop or mobile. Readability and accessibility are always a priority.

Your feedback on this is invaluable to me. It helps me to adapt the newsletter not only in terms of content, but also visually to your needs.

5. Frequency of the newsletter

Another important point I raised in the survey was the publication frequency of the newsletter. When I launched the newsletter, I decided on a monthly publication frequency to provide you with good and relevant information regularly without flooding you. Your opinion on this was very insightful.

Many of you have said that the monthly publication is “perfect”. I am very pleased about this, as it shows that this interval fits in well with your information needs and your schedule. It's important to me that the newsletter is a welcome and useful part of your month without being overwhelming.

At the same time, there are people who would like to see it published more frequently. I take this feedback seriously, and I am considering how I can meet these needs. One possibility would be to publish special editions occasionally, for example when there is important news or updates in the TYPO3 community. This would provide additional valuable content without disrupting the regular rhythm of the newsletter.

These different perspectives are very valuable to me. They help me to shape the newsletter in a way that is of maximum benefit to each of you. I will continue to listen to your feedback and adapt the publication of the newsletter to best meet your needs and wishes.

6. Willingness to recommend

A particularly revealing part of the survey was the question of how likely you, my readers, are to recommend the TYPO3 newsletter to others. I was very pleased and motivated by the answers to this question.

I was impressed that many of you were “very likely” or “likely” to recommend the newsletter to colleagues and friends. This trust and support means a lot to me. It shows that the newsletter is not just a source of information, but also a valuable tool that you are happy to share with your network.

The willingness to recommend the newsletter to others is an important indicator for me that I am providing the right content and that this content offers real added value for you. My aim is to design the newsletter in such a way that each one of you not only enjoys reading it, but is also happy to recommend it to others.

This positive feedback encourages me to continue to produce high-quality content and ensure that the newsletter remains both informative and inspiring. I look forward to continuing to be a part of your TYPO3 journey, and thank you for your trust and support.

7. Open feedback and outlook

At the end of the survey, I asked for your open feedback — and your answers were a real treasure trove of insights and inspiration. This part of the newsletter is particularly valuable to me because it gives me a direct insight into your thoughts and wishes.

Some of you provided specific suggestions on how the newsletter could be improved. From suggestions for structuring the content to ideas for new topics — your suggestions were varied and well-thought-out. I am grateful for every single piece of feedback, as it helps me to design the newsletter in such a way that it responds even better to your needs.

I see this feedback as an opportunity to further strengthen not only the newsletter, but also the TYPO3 community. My goal is to create a platform where we can all learn and grow from each other. I am determined to take on board your suggestions and ideas and incorporate them into the future design of the newsletter. In the coming months, I will be implementing some proposed changes. I look forward to working with you to see how these innovations will enrich the newsletter.

8. Conclusion and acknowledgements

As I reflect on this article and the many valuable insights from your feedback, I feel incredibly grateful. Grateful for an engaged, knowledgeable and passionate community. Your participation in the survey and your constructive feedback are not only a vote of confidence for me, but also an irreplaceable resource to continuously improve the TYPO3 Newsletter.

I would like to thank each one of you — for your time, your ideas, and your loyalty to the newsletter. Without you, the TYPO3 newsletter would not be what it is today: a lively, informative and inspiring part of our shared TYPO3 journey.

For anyone who has not yet subscribed to the newsletter but is interested in TYPO3, web development and the latest trends in the industry: I cordially invite you to become part of our growing community. You can subscribe to the newsletter here and be certain not to miss out on valuable information and updates. It's a great way to stay in the loop while being part of a vibrant and supportive community.

Finally, I would like to promise you all that I will take the feedback you have given me seriously and will do everything possible to continue to make the TYPO3 newsletter an indispensable part of your working lives. 


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Hi, I am Wolfgang.

Since 2006, I've been diving deep into the fascinating world of TYPO3 - it's not only my profession, but also my passion. My path has taken me through countless projects, and I have created hundreds of professional video tutorials focusing on TYPO3 and its extensions. I love unraveling complex topics and turning them into easy-to-understand concepts, which is also reflected in my trainings and seminars.

As an active member of the TYPO3 Education Committee, I am committed to keeping the TYPO3 CMS Certified Integrator exam questions current and challenging. Since January 2024, I am proud to be an official TYPO3 Consultant Partner!

But my passion doesn't end at the screen. When I'm not diving into the depths of TYPO3, you'll often find me on my bike, exploring the picturesque trails around Lake Constance. These outdoor excursions are my perfect balance - they keep my mind fresh and always provide me with new ideas.

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