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How your TYPO3 project gets the appreciation it deserves

How your TYPO3 project gets the appreciation it deserves

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Imagine this: After weeks of intensive work, many sleepless nights and the consumption of what feels like a coffee plantation, your TYPO3 project is about to be presented to the world. The excitement rises, as do the expectations. But how do you make sure that your project - your digital pride and joy - gets the recognition it deserves?

This is exactly where my TYPO3 newsletter comes in. But before we get started, let's pause for a moment..

Do you remember the first time you saw a project that not only impressed you, but moved you deeply?

The feeling that someone had woven not just lines of code, but a piece of their soul into the project?

Your story has a place in the TYPO3 community

We all know the feeling of completing a project that is close to our hearts. The joy, the relief, the proud satisfaction. But what often follows is the question: How do I share it with the world? How do I make sure it is seen, recognized and appreciated?

This is where the TYPO3 newsletter comes in.

It's not just about sharing updates and tips. Rather, it's a platform where you can tell your own story. Be it an article, a self-developed extension or an exciting case study - here you will find an audience that shares your passion for TYPO3.

An invitation to an inspiring journey

When you share your experiences and successes, you don't just inform. You inspire. You enable others to learn from your experiences, be inspired by your projects and maybe even get the impetus for the next big project.

I cordially invite you to become part of this inspiring journey.

Let's build a collection of stories, experiences and successes together that will not only inform, but above all inspire.

Your project deserves to be seen

Your work, your passion, your story - they all deserve to be heard and seen.

I look forward to showcasing them in our TYPO3 newsletter. Visit the newsletter page and let me know your link suggestion. Your contribution can be the spark that further enlightens and enriches the TYPO3 community.

I look forward to your stories, your projects, your successes. Let's inspire the TYPO3 world together.

By the way, if you haven't subscribed to the newsletter yet - now is the perfect time to do so 😉


Who writes here?

Hi, I am Wolfgang.

Since 2006, I've been diving deep into the fascinating world of TYPO3 - it's not only my profession, but also my passion. My path has taken me through countless projects, and I have created hundreds of professional video tutorials focusing on TYPO3 and its extensions. I love unraveling complex topics and turning them into easy-to-understand concepts, which is also reflected in my trainings and seminars.

As an active member of the TYPO3 Education Committee, I am committed to keeping the TYPO3 CMS Certified Integrator exam questions current and challenging. Since January 2024, I am proud to be an official TYPO3 Consultant Partner!

But my passion doesn't end at the screen. When I'm not diving into the depths of TYPO3, you'll often find me on my bike, exploring the picturesque trails around Lake Constance. These outdoor excursions are my perfect balance - they keep my mind fresh and always provide me with new ideas.

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